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Are Contractors the best Candidates?


An interesting article appeared in the Recruitment Grapvine this week asking the Question... 'Are Contractors the best Candidates?'.

Contractors are a committed part of the UK’s workforce, according to research from Contracting Scout’s Contractor Confidence survey.

Most of those asked claimed that they have not had a sick day in the past two years. Some 53% of respondents haven’t called in sick in the last two years, with 31% of these having never called in sick.

Gareth Johnstone - Hewett Recruitment Principal Contract Consultant explained, "These types of behavioural attitudes together with the skills and experience amongst the contract candidate market allow a business’s transformation and change targets to become a lot more achievable and realistic over a shorter space of time.
This is particularly relevant to growing SME businesses involved in the Engineering, Technology and Finance sectors."

Will Ryles, Head of Recruitment at Contracting Scout, explained how contractors are the perfect model of a jobseeker, and productive employees. He gave us three examples of why contractors could be a recruiter’s dream. Reliable, Passionate and Flexiable. Read the article from Recruitment Grapevine here.

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Are Contractors the best Candidates?
An interesting article appeared in the Recruitment Grapvine this week asking the Question 'Are Contractors the best Candidates?'.
04/05/2017 11:52:02

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