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The Significance of an Ageing Workforce

The ageing of the UK population comes as no surprise, but according to a recent report from Mercer the impact of this significant demographic shift has been masked until now by positive net migration.
With immigration likely to fall in the coming years, particularly from the EU, the veil is lifted as we face a shrinking UK workforce.

The UK faces a labour and skills shortage even without Brexit and the risk of losing relatively easy access to overseas workers, many roles have already been affected by a tight labour market.
The recent report asked the question:- Who will fill the critical roles in the NHS, replace retiring engineers and educate our children at university?
It advises – Organisations must think differently about how to tackle the workforce crisis, yet it is a conversation few are having. CEO’s and company boards must be equipped to understand the impact of the skills shortage and agree measures that will at best transform at worst mitigate operational risks.
There is no template, but as the key driver of the engineering crisis is the ageing workforce… it seems a good place to start.

Finding ways of maximising on the existing workforce, retraining and making it easy for employees to keep learning and developing throughout their career, will help to ensure that older workers have the ability and confidence to work longer. Flexible working and supporting the health and welfare of the workforce will rise further up the agenda as employers realise the importance of looking after their people and retaining their skills. Proactive management of employees’ physical and mental wellbeing will no longer be a ‘nice to have’ luxury but simply part of the employment programme.

This will be a hot topic on the agenda at the Annual HR Professionals Conference hosted by Hewett Recruitment and HW Chamber of Commerce on Thursday 23rd November 2017. For more details and to book visit

Information on 50 + Skills can be found here.

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