50+ Skill Team encouraging talented candidates over 50 back into the workplace.

50+ Skills Team

Welcome to the 50+ Skills team!

We offer you an age positive, flexible route into employment!

Around 20% of our Temp Team are currently over 50 and as applies to all our talented team, temps are selected on the basis of their skills, experience and attitude. Our temp team has always included every age group, but now we are actively encouraging and hoping to attract more 50+ to join us and bring their skills and talents back into the workplace!

For those seeking permanent employment....well, we often find that our Temps are offered permanent jobs once employers realise how brilliant they are and how they strengthen their team!

If you are feeling a little under confident, don't worry our friendly team will offer you a few tips on interview techniques and take a look at your CV....

All candidates registered are also offered free online training to upgrade their skills in the comfort of their own home....you can't lose really! Don't waste those skills...put them to good use today...we look forward to hearing from you!

Hewett Recruitment champions the importance and benefits of older workers and supports the best practice 'Age Opportunity' guide for recruiters.

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The Governing Body for Recruitment Agencies – REC – proactively supports the Aging Demographic

Given we are all continuing to live longer, there is no escaping the fact that employers need to adapt to working with an ageing demographic UK employers need to fill 13.5 million vacancies over the next ten years, whilst and only 7 million young people will leave education over the same period without a much needed financial contribution from older workers, there will be less growth in the economy and inevitably, fewer jobs. 

The recruitment industry is in an excellent position to highlight the many benefits that older workers can bring to the workforce; it has already gained significant experience in supporting clients in relation to diversifying their workforces and encouraging candidates to have the confidence to put themselves forward for a role.

That is why the REC is committed to promoting the importance of older workers together with Age UK, we have developed Age Opportunity, a best practice guide for recruiters as part of this commitment. Age Opportunity aims to highlight the skills and experience of the older workforce, whilst enshrining best practice in the permanent and temporary recruitment of those over 50. 

Here are some links to resources you might find useful: