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'Hewett Consultant Takeover' LIVE Q&A Sessions

'Hewett Consultant Takeover' LIVE Q&A Sessions

Friday saw the launch of our ‘Hewett Consultant Takeover’ with live Q&A sessions on Facebook and Instagram.

The Q&A sessions were launched to offer an opportunity for individuals to receive instant responses to their queries, seek direct advice and gain a better understanding of requirements during the recruitment process.

Many candidates don't feel 100% confident regarding the recruitment process, unsure on one or two things. Unfortunately, some feel being uncertain may have negative connotations, making them reluctant to ask questions. At Hewett Recruitment, our friendly, understanding and approachable staff HATE the thought of someone ‘suffering in silence’, so we’re offering the opportunity to not only ‘ask us anything’ but also view response to questions asked by other anonymous individuals, potentially offering the answers to questions you didn’t even think about.

Simply follow us on Facebook or Instagram and check out our story to join in on polls, ask questions and view answers. On your lunch break? Commuting on the train? Enjoying a coffee in your pyjamas? Not a problem. Our live Q&A sessions allow you to participate and get the answers you need wherever you may be, with just a touch of a button on your smart phone.

Our next LIVE Q&A Session is Thursday 15th November, 12.00-13.00 with Senior Commercial Consultant, Anthony.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Live Q&A Sessions with Hewtt Recruitment Consultants