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Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia Hewett Recruitment Case Study

Hewett Commercial Recruitment - Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia

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Hewett Commercial Recruitment - Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia

A review of Hewett Recruitment's Commercial recruitment services from Malvern based Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia.

Hewett Commercial division was the origin of Hewett Recruitment, when back in the 1980’s we specialised purely in commercial requirements. Times changed and Hewett have developed significantly over our 40 years in business, growing into multiple specialisms, but Commercial recruitmentremains a key factor.

We love to shout about our five star service, but until you experience it for yourself or hear directly from our wealth of happy clients, it’s difficult to know for sure. In order to truly show you the value of Hewett Recruitment and our commercial expertise, we have asked our clients Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia to provide some insight with the following case study.

Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia Photo Hewett Recruitment

Introducing Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia:

Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia are “champions of Signed Sports Memorabilia”, selling the world's most exclusive autographs. This fast growing Worcester based business was started by Managing Director Peter Johnson, following a childhood obsession with visiting sports grounds around the country and collecting autographs.

Firma Stella are now official partners with some of the biggest names in sport including Ben Stokes, Warren Gatland & Manu Tuilagi. The company has become a leading retailer supplying “one off unique exclusive memorabilia” with authenticity guaranteed.

For more information regarding Firma Stella’s one of a kind, exclusive and unique items, visit https://www.firmastella.com/


Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia’s relationship with Hewett Recruitment:

Hewett Recruitment Commercial team first began working with Peter and the Firma Stella team back in January 2020 and have worked closely with the team as they continue to see significant growth. Our Senior Consultant Kate has built a relationship of trust and dependability during this time, providing candidates for various roles. From an ‘Office Coordinator’ and a ‘Customer and Communications Executive’, Hewett Recruitment Commercial team continue to deliver our unbeatable level of service.

"You can see the difference with Hewett.  A true professional agency"


We interviewed Peter asking for feedback regarding his experience of Hewett Recruitment and our commercial division.


As your industry is fairly niche, it’s understandable that finding the correct fit for your team could be difficult. What suggested to you that Hewett Recruitment was the correct agency for the challenge?

Peter replied: “I came across you guys on Google, I checked out your reviews and then I spoke with Kate. She came and saw me and filled me with confidence that Hewett would be able to help Firma Stella grow and find the right people for the job.

When I was looking for a recruitment agency, some of them would do the consultation over the phone but Kate actually came to see me, so I was quite impressed with that.

Also, she actually listened to me- listened to our needs and what we wanted, where as I’ve found with some other agencies, they talk to me about what they wanted and thought, rather than listen to me. And that was the real difference.”


The lockdowns have been a difficult time for everyone, but we’re delighted that you were still growing and recruiting during that time. How do you feel we dealt with these circumstances?

Peter added: ‘We were looking to employ somebody just before lockdown came about and Kate actually advised us to wait to see what happened with Covid. .

Again she could have just said “oh, just take this person on” but she advised waiting, she was patient and eventually we employed that person.


Kate commented on how Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia is the “one to watch! Peter is naturally ambitious and is keen to recruit people who want to be part of the growth and journey!”

How have you found working with the Kate at Hewett Recruitment? Are communications clear and make sense? 

“We are a very fast-growing company and we will be at the top of our field, so we need great people on-board and we also need good assistance from top agencies, so Kate has been all of that so far. Great communication, always available on the phone, easy to talk stuff out with. As I said, the best aspect is she really listens to what we need.


Thanks Peter. For you, what is a ‘stand out point’ of Hewett Recruitment’s service?

“We have dealt with a couple of other agencies and you can see the difference with Hewett. A true professional agency”


If you would like to experience Hewett Recruitment’s expertise in commercial recruitment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.