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Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Hewett IT's specialist Software Engineering subdivision

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Hewett IT’s specialist consultants ensure hiring managers secure the talent required to enable digital transformation and development.
With a rich pool of knowledge, alongside continuous training and development, our team are able to advise you on best practice to attract and retain the highly-skilled, niche tech talent you need - and fast! 

We pride ourselves on finding and attracting the right talent for even the most skill-short sectors of the IT industry.

Technologies that we recruit for include but are not limited to:

  • Object Oriented Programming: C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Java, C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Object Pascal, Objective-C

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, React, Vue.JS, Bootstrap

  • SQL Server, Azure, AWS, Entity Framework, REST APIs, MVC, DevOps, Microservices

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We're proud to offer an extensive range of Software Development, Software Engineering and tech recruitment services - if you'd like to chat to us about your career or your requirement for highly-skilled cyber talent, please contact tech@hewett-recruitment.co.uk and we'd be happy to help.

Our IT Division also includes Infrastructure and SupportSoftware DeliverySoftware Testing and Cyber Security.

Are you looking to hire Software Development Engineers?

Get in touch with our specialist team at Tech@hewett-recruitment.co.uk for a confidential discussion regarding your requirements.

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Dive into the Hewett IT Recruitment process...

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What are the careers/jobs available within software engineering?

As a specialist Software Developer Recruitment agency, we regularly recruit for a wide range of roles within the Software Engineering sector, some examples of which have been listed below:

  • Full Stack Developer

  • Software Developer

  • Software Engineer

  • Embedded Software Developer

  • Firmware Developer, Data Scientist

  • iOS Developer

  • Android Developer

  • Javascript Developer

  • Front End Developer, Back End Developer

  • UI / UX or User Interface / User Experience Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Application Developer

  • Desktop Developer

  • Analyst Programmer, Programmer

  • Software Development Director

  • Software Engineering Manager

  • Principle Software Developer/Engineer

  • Software Architect

  • Software Development / Engineering Lead

  • Graduate Developer


  • Database Analyst

  • Database Programmer

  • Database Developer

Meet Hewett IT's Specialist Recruiters

Ben Mannion

Owner / Director

Dom Jones

Principal Recruitment Consultant, Software Development

Harry Butler

Recruitment Consultant, IT

Key Research Documents

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What is software engineering?

Software engineering involves the design and development of computer systems software and applications software.

What does it mean, what does it do?

If a company wants to produce a new website for example, Software Engineers will write code that determines how the web page is designed and ensure that the right things happen when areas of the site are clicked. Software Engineers will make sure that websites and other applications run to a high standard, are presented effectively and also align with the main company vision.

What do Hewett Recruitment offer for software engineering recruitment?

Are you looking to hire Software Developers? Whether that be on a permanent or contractual basis, Hewett Recruitment IT are here to support you.

All companies have different and specific needs. At Hewett Recruitment, we ask key questions to figure out what each company requires, before tailoring and shortlisting the perfect candidates to match the skillset needed.

Our specialist team or IT Recruitment experts work with you to ensure we deliver software developer recruitment at its finest.

In Software Engineering, every role is different. Ranging from technologies to applications. The Software Development team at Hewett Recruitment understand that it is vital that the right person is hired to suit the specific needs of each company.

Why use Hewett for Recruiting Software Engineering for your business?

Hewett Recruitment have over 40 years of recruitment experience and have specialised in IT and Software Development recruitment for 12 of those. It’s safe to say we know our stuff.

We use the latest search and selection techniques to find the hidden software development talent your business required, allowing us to become the “all in one software developer head-hunters”.

Our outstanding reputation results in a vast amount of referrals and recommendations, allowing us to tune into the passive software engineering market.

Our team of Software Development Consultants are always keeping themselves up to date with the latest technological advances and understandings, in order to provide effective advice and guidance to clients, as well as hunting for the most suitable candidates. We take time to find the right candidates, making sure that their skill level marries up to fit the company needs.

Is there anything specific to Software Engineering jobs that Hewett can help with?

At Hewett IT, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We offer a bespoke service for every client, from start-ups to national; Graduate Developers to Directors of Software Engineering, we adjust our strategy to best provide you with the talent you require.

The whole team is really keen on technology, which is why we love talking to budding Software Engineers about the latest advances in software, and understanding and exploring company’s IT needs.

From Computer Software Engineers and Full Stack Software Engineers to Software Application Developers and Data Analysts, we cover it all.

What does a software developer do? What is a software developer job description?

As a software developer your key responsibilities will include:

  • Developing software development solutions to intricate problems

  • New feature development for arising problems and new platforms or communication methods

  • Maintenance development to ensure software solutions are up to date and secure

  • Requirements gathering to make sure the application will be fit for purpose for the users

  • Functional and user testing to make sure the program they have designed is bug free and works as it should