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Elevate Your Finance Team: Source the Best Talent

At Hewett Recruitment, we are dedicated to excellence in finance recruitment, connecting businesses with the finest finance professionals across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. With a proven track record and a team of expert Finance Recruitment Consultants, we take pride in understanding your unique hiring needs.

Our specialised approach caters to a wide range of finance roles, from Credit Controllers and Accountants to Payroll Experts and Finance Directors. Whether you require entry-level talent or seasoned executives for your Board Room, we have the expertise to find the perfect match for your team.

Experience the Hewett advantage as our financial recruitment specialists go the extra mile to secure the right talent, saving you valuable time, resources, and costs. Our meticulous recruitment process ensures that you gain access to exceptional candidates who seamlessly integrate into your organisation, driving success and growth.

Partner with Hewett Recruitment and elevate your finance team to new heights of performance and success.

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Nick, Finance Candidate

"The service couldn't have been any better"

​"I would definitely recommend you guys! I sent my CV over, had a phone call back, interview arranged all the same day. Interview the next day and was offered the job. I'd say the service couldn't have been any better. The Consultants were excellent in all the dealings I had with them and the speed in which things were sorted for myself was fantastic and always professional."

Gary, Finance Client

"I will always use Hewett Recruitment as first choice and have high praise for the team"

​"I will always use Hewett Recruitment as first choice and have high praise for the team and do recommend your company. I come here first to discuss the market with the team of active listeners that can turn my description into plain English."

Leona, Finance Client

"The Team have been fantastic to deal with"

​"Overall the Team have been fantastic to deal with, I'd definitely reccomend your services"

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Why choose Hewett for your Finance Recruitment Solution?

As a specialist Finance recruitment agency, Hewett Recruitment is committed to providing unparalleled support to organisations seeking new Finance staff in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Our consultants are experts in their field, forming enduring relationships with Clients and Candidates alike.

With a personal and dedicated approach, we have earned our reputation as a trusted accounting and finance recruitment agency since 1980. Throughout the years, we have become the go-to choice for businesses in the Three Counties. By gaining a deep understanding of your business goals and values, we save you valuable time, resources, and money.

Whether you require a skilled Graduate Accounts Assistant or a seasoned Finance Director, we possess the knowledge and expertise to connect you with the finest finance talent in the region.

Experience the Hewett advantage - a partnership that ensures your organisation thrives with the perfect finance team by your side.

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Dive Into The Hewett Finance Recruitment Process

Talk to One of Our Industry Experts
Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

​A Hewett Consultant will work with you to understand your unique requirements, goals and company dynamics. We listen!

We find the best people
We find the best people

We find the best candidates using our extensive database; job boards; advertising, social media and headhunting techniques.

Provide Market Information
Provide Market Information

​Our Specialist Consultants provide our Clients with the latest Market information to best advise and support their recruitment process.

Work with Hand Selected Talent
Work with Hand Selected Talent

​Within days we'll send over high quality shortlisted CV's ready for you and your team to review.

​Liaise With Candidates on Your Behalf
​Liaise With Candidates on Your Behalf

​​Our Consultants liaise with candidates on your behalf, arranging interviews, any required skills or technical tests and start dates.

 Restructure Recruitment Processes
Restructure Recruitment Processes

​Our team work closely with you to review your current recruitment and onboarding process, advising how to better attract and retain talent.

The Perfect Fit, Guaranteed
The Perfect Fit, Guaranteed

​If your placement leaves within 10 weeks, Hewett will provide you with a free replacement or a 75% refund of the initial fee.

Regular Check Ins
Regular Check Ins

​Your designated Consultant will regularly check in with your team to ensure everything is going well.

Why Hire Finance Specialists with Hewett Recruitment?

Work with Specialist Consultants

Our REC qualified Consultants combine expertise and an ethical approach to recruitment to build long lasting, successful relationships.

Award-Winning Customer Service

Our bespoke service is meticulously crafted to suit your organisation's specific needs. With a keen focus on personalisation, we go the extra mile to ensure that our recruitment solutions align perfectly with your unique preferences and goals.

Communication That Suits You

We prioritise seamless communication that aligns with your busy schedule. Our team adapts to your preferences for communication - whether it's through phone calls, video conferences, or face-to-face meetings.

The Perfect Fit

By delving into the personalities of each Candidate, we ensure not only an exact skills match but also a perfect cultural fit. Our focus on aligning skills and values empowers us to deliver Candidates who seamlessly integrate into your team.

You Can Trust Us

Established since 1980, Hewett Recruitment have developed and expanded our services by listening to the needs of both our Clients and Candidates over the years- so we get it! This is how we've become one of the leading IT recruitment companies in the area. 

Market Intelligence and Advice

Our Specialist Team know their stuff. With access to official REC reports, regular training and various research documents, the team are in the best position to advise you on the best recruitment strategy at that time.

Hewett Finance Recruitment Specialists

Anthony Andrews

Senior Commercial Recruitment Consultant & Branch Manager

Jennie Lessemun

Senior Finance Recruitment Consultant & Branch Manager

Maisy Gillard

Recruitment Consultant, Commercial Temp

Key Recruitment Documents, Reports and Resources

Research documents created by Hewett Recruitment to inform you of the current market and assist with your recruitment.

Hewett Recruitment Finance Desk

Why partner with Hewett Finance for your Recruitment Needs?

Unlocking Your Finance Team's Potential: The Power of using Hewett Recruitment for your recruitment requirements.

Partnering with Hewett Recruitments' specialist Finance division offers numerous advantages in growing your finance team. Here's why it's the key to success:

  1. Expertise in Finance: As a specialised agency, Hewett Recruitment understands the intricacies of the finance industry, possessing in-depth knowledge of roles, skills, and market trends. This expertise ensures you connect with the most qualified Candidates.

  2. Access to Top Talent: Hewett Recruitment have established networks, giving you access to a pool of exceptional finance professionals. We can identify and attract Candidates who might not be actively seeking opportunities.

  3. Time and Resource Savings: Outsourcing the recruitment process saves valuable time and resources. The Hewett Recruitment team handles candidate sourcing, screening, and shortlisting, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.

  4. Cultural Fit: Our finance specialists at Hewett consider not only skills but also cultural fit, ensuring candidates align with your organisation's values and work culture.

  5. Confidentiality: Hewett Recruitment maintains confidentiality throughout the hiring process, crucial when recruiting for sensitive financial roles.

  6. Streamlined Selection Process: With a structured approach, our Consultants streamline the selection process, presenting you with well-matched candidates who meet your specific requirements.

  7. Market Insights: Stay informed on industry trends and salary benchmarks. As finance recruitment specialists, we can offer insights that help attract top talent and remain competitive.

  8. Long-Term Partnership: Building a lasting partnership with the Hewett Recruitment Finance Division ensures ongoing support for your future talent needs, fostering a strategic hiring approach.

  9. Rapid Hiring Solutions: In dynamic markets, using a finance specialist agency such as Hewett Recruitment can swiftly identify and secure talent, reducing time-to-fill critical roles.

  10. Maximise Performance: By hiring the right finance professionals, you elevate your team's expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness, driving your organisation's financial success.

Experience the transformative impact of working with a finance specialist recruitment agency, unlocking the full potential of your finance team - get in touch with Hewett Recruitment today for a confidential discussion.

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What to expect from the current Finance recruitment market?

“In the last 12 months we have seen an accelerated demand for Accountancy and Finance professionals. The finance function has been fundamental in helping organisations navigate challenging market conditions. With this added demand, there has also been a noticeable skills shortage in the market, driving salary increases across the board - including Non, Part and Fully Qualified levels."

Amidst the obvious demands in the market at the moment, people from all backgrounds are taking the opportunity to upskill or gain new skills in finance to boost their employability. Accountancy and Finance is still seen as one of the most stable professions to work in, with this in mind, when speaking with potential candidates this is one of their key requirements, seeking a stable role – coupled with hybrid working opportunities.

Take a look at our recent Salary & Benefits Benchmarking report for more detail regarding the salary expectations of Finance and Accounting specialists in the local area.

Download the Report