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Empowering Your Business with IT Excellence

We find hidden tech talent - fast!

At Hewett Recruitment, we understand that exceptional IT talent is the driving force behind every successful business. As a specialised IT recruitment agency, we take pride in connecting forward-thinking companies like yours with top-tier professionals across a wide spectrum of IT specialisms.

As your dedicated IT talent partner, Hewett Recruitment IT goes the extra mile to understand your business's unique needs and culture. Our goal is to find the perfect Candidate match that not only possesses the technical expertise but also aligns seamlessly with your organisation's values and goals.

Our specialist IT division sources and assesses tech candidates from a variety of engaged talent pools, ensuring we attract the right talent for even the most skill-short sectors of the IT industry.​​

Our IT Specialisms include:

  • Software Development / Software Engineering: Partner with coding wizards and software engineers who create cutting-edge solutions to fuel your digital transformation.

  • Cyber Security: Safeguard your valuable assets with expert cyber security professionals, ensuring your organization's resilience against ever-evolving threats.

  • Infrastructure and Support: Strengthen your IT infrastructure with skilled experts providing reliable support to keep your operations running smoothly.

  • Software Delivery: Streamline your project management process with adept professionals, ensuring timely and successful software deployment.

  • Software Testing: Ensure your applications meet the highest standards with meticulous software testing specialists on your team.

"On average, three high quality shortlisted CV's are sent to each IT requirement"

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Jordan, IT Candidate

"Communication is an absolute 10/10 as well as Dom's work ethic and professionalism"

​"Over the past 6 months, Dominic has been absolutely amazing in helping me find a place back in the Software Engineering industry. With his help, I managed to get a role with a company back in March and even though the company decided they wanted a more Senior Developer after my 2 month tenure with them, Dominic helped me straight away by setting up more applications for me to get the ball rolling and it has been great. Communication with him is an absolute 10/10 as well as his work ethic and professionalism. He is knowledgeable on the aspects of what we talk about regarding the software frameworks and technologies and knows what areas the industry is looking for. I would indeed refer Hewett recruitment to others and want to thank you guys for the work you do."

Teresa, Hewett Client

"​Overall, for your whole team - a good 10 in all areas!!"

​"Overall, for your whole team - a good 10 in all areas!! A special mention to Steven who is brilliant in supporting our manufacturing team. I also get a lot of comments from our Managers that Kate really takes the time to understand the roles, which helps with her success in filling these roles, especially when some really are very challenging and unique! I now have the exposure of working with various recruitment agencies across the UK and Kate falls at the very top for service."

IT Candidate

"I found your team to be responsive and keep me up to date"

"I'd rate the service from the Hewett a 10 out of 10, as I have found your team to be responsive and keep me up to date."

Laura Benjamin, HR Generalist

"We enjoy working with all your agents"

​"Definitely a 10 😊 We really like working with Hewett and hope our business relationship continues. Ben, Kate and Dominic have been especially helpful and proactive this year and we enjoy working with all your agents."

Hire IT Talent at Hewett Recruitment IT

Typical Roles Hewett IT Recruit For

IT roles we commonly recruit for include (but are not limited to):

  • .Net Developer

  • Java Developer

  • PHP Developer

  • C++ Developer

  • Embedded Software Developer

  • Front End Developer

  • Agile Project Manager

  • Agile Product Owner

  • Enterprise Network Specialist

  • Business Analyst

  • Cyber Security Specialists

  • Executive level (IT, Infrastructure, Network, Cyber and IS)

  • Support Technician (1st, 2nd and 3rd line)

  • Infrastructure Engineer

  • Systems Administrator

  • Software Tester

  • QA Lead

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We Keep It Transparent - Dive Into The Hewett IT Recruitment Process

Talk to One of Our Industry Experts
Talk to One of Our Industry Experts

​A Hewett Consultant will work with you to understand your unique requirements, goals and company dynamics. We listen!

We find the best people
We find the best people

We find the best candidates using our extensive database; job boards; advertising, social media and headhunting techniques.

Provide Market Information
Provide Market Information

​Our Specialist Consultants provide our Clients with the latest Market information to best advise and support their recruitment process.

Work with Hand Selected Talent
Work with Hand Selected Talent

​Within days we'll send over high quality shortlisted CV's ready for you and your team to review.

​Liaise With Candidates on Your Behalf
​Liaise With Candidates on Your Behalf

​​Our Consultants liaise with candidates on your behalf, arranging interviews, any required skills or technical tests and start dates.

 Restructure Recruitment Processes
Restructure Recruitment Processes

​Our team work closely with you to review your current recruitment and onboarding process, advising how to better attract and retain talent.

The Perfect Fit, Guaranteed
The Perfect Fit, Guaranteed

​If your placement leaves within 10 weeks, Hewett will provide you with a free replacement or a 75% refund of the initial fee.

Regular Check Ins
Regular Check Ins

​Your designated Consultant will regularly check in with your team to ensure everything is going well.

Why choose Hewett Recruitment for IT recruitment?

Industry Expertise

With a deep understanding of the IT landscape, our REC qualified Consultants combine expertise and an ethical approach to recruitment to build long-lasting, successful relationships.

Quality Selection

We adopt a structured and meticulous candidate selection process, guaranteeing that only the most skilled and qualified individuals are presented to you.

Tailored Solutions

At Hewett Recruitment, we take the time to understand your organisation's unique culture, values, and goals. This enables us to tailor our recruitment approach, ensuring a seamless fit between candidates and your company.

Flexible Communication

We prioritise your convenience. Our team is fully flexible to accommodate your busy schedule and communication preferences. Whether you prefer phone calls, video conferences, or face-to-face meetings, we are dedicated to ensuring seamless and tailored communications that suit you.

You Can Trust Us

Integrity is at the core of our success. Established in 1980, we have honed and expanded our services by actively listening to the needs of our valued Clients and Candidates. Our ability to understand and deliver on these needs has catapulted us into becoming one of the leading IT recruitment companies in the area.

Efficient Results

Time is of the essence, and we recognise the urgency in meeting your staffing needs promptly. Count on us to deliver efficient and effective recruitment outcomes.

Go Behind The Scenes - Meet Hewett Specialist IT Consultants

Dom Jones

Principal Recruitment Consultant, Software Development

Harry Butler

Recruitment Consultant, IT

Steven Harris

Recruitment Consultant, Engineering & IT

Key Recruitment Reports, Documents and Resources

Documents created by Hewett Recruitment to help you better understand the recruitment market.

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What to expect in the current IT Recruitment market?

Dominic Jones Hewett Recruitment Worcestershire

Dominic Jones, IT Recruitment Specialist at Hewett Recruitment:

“This past year has seen the current market for IT and Technical recruitment being heavily driven by the candidate, which has not only given candidates the “pick-of-the-crop” when searching for new opportunities but has also left employers battling for talent within the market.

This year, more than ever, we have seen IT candidates achieving up to 35% pay increases, either by moving to a new employer, or by accepting a ‘counter-offer’ to stay where they are."

The salaries listed in our Salary & Benefits Benchmarking report offer an interesting average for candidates who are currently in positions. The average salary across the majority of the listed roles has increased on that of 2020 and has only continued to grow as this calendar year has gone on. Strong IT candidates have understood that their market value has increased and continues to climb, leading to the expectations on salary being much higher.

What is IT Talent recruitment?

Research suggests IT talent recruitment takes 36% longer than other industries, with this gap expected to grow further year on year. In a candidate-driven market, we must adjust recruitment strategies to ensure IT talent attraction and retention. That’s where Hewett Recruitment come in!

At Hewett Recruitment, we understand the critical role that top-notch IT talent plays in driving your business forward. Our specialised IT recruitment agency is dedicated to connecting you with the perfect candidates who possess the skills, expertise, and passion to elevate your company's performance.

How can Hewett Recruitment IT assist with your IT talent Search?

Simply put, we find the technical talent you need. The Hewett team of specialist IT Recruitment Consultants help with your IT talent acquisition by accessing hidden talent pools using the latest cutting edge headhunting technologies and search and selection techniques. With decades of experience in the IT recruitment industry, we have cultivated an extensive network of talented IT professionals, from developers and engineers to cybersecurity specialists and more.

Consultants build genuine relationships with our Clients and Candidates alike, meaning word of mouth is a significantly powerful tool for us. A proportion of our top IT talent has reached us via. referrals and recommendations, something that many other IT recruitment agencies cannot compete with.

What do Hewett Recruitment offer when it comes to IT Talent Recruitment?

Our specialist IT recruitment consultant’s source and assess tech talent from a variety of engaged talent pools, ensuring we attract the right talent for even the most skill-short sectors of the IT industry.​

With a strong knowledge of the local market, we share our expertise with your business. From salary and benefits benchmarking, employer branding reviews and continuous market insight, we are here to support you.

Looking to hire through a top-quality, specialist IT Recruitment agency?

Get in touch with the team for a confidential discussion about your requirements.

What are the careers/jobs available within IT Talent?

As a successful IT talent recruitment agency, typical jobs we recruit for include anything from PHP, Java and C++ Developers, to Business Analysts, Software Testers and QA Leads. The list goes on! Are you looking a new IT opportunity? Take a look at our current IT Talent jobs here.