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Useful resources to assist Employers with their recruitment process.

Lgbt Workplace Blog Header

Making your Recruitment Process More LGBTQIA+ Friendly

​​It’s June and we are in the midst of Pride month. Now, more than ever, businesses are aspiring to accommodate inclusive workplaces. In current times, society has become more accepting for the LGB...

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Carers In Workplace

Supporting Carers in the Labour Market

Carers and the Labour Market, by Laura Hewett.This blog was created with both the employer and the employee who is a carer in mind, with the intention of making the information useful for everyone....

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Inclusion Blog Header

​How to incorporate Diversity and Inclusion into your recruitment process

​Why is Diversity and Inclusion important during the recruitment process?​McKinsey & Company ‘Diversity Matters’ Report, revealed a statistically significant connection between diversity and fi...

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Annual Payrises  Blog Header

April annual pay rises: what should we expect?

Ahead of the annual April pay rises, we asked our Director, Laura, what we should be expecting to see, with the rising cost of living in mind.The topic of annual pay rises is such a tough one in 20...

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Optimising your employer brand with Hewett Recruitment

​Optimising your employer brand

How to optimise your employer brand to attract and retain candidates and support your recruitment processes.What is employer branding?Your 'employer brand' describes an employer's reputation as a p...

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Hybrid Working Banner

Hybrid working in a post-pandemic world

How hybrid working is evolving as we ease out of the pandemicWe asked our specialist Recruitment Consultants what trends they have been noticing regarding remote and hybrid working as restrictions ...

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S&B Report Blog  Page Header

Salary & Benefit Benchmarking Report

​​The 2019 Salary & Benefits report; receive your FREE copy of the largest salary benchmarking report in the two counties, brought to you by Hewett Recruitment and Herefordshire & Worcester...

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Environmental Impact Blog  Page Header

Reviewing the environmental impact of our workplace

October saw the first in-person Chamber of Commerce Business Expo since March 2020, with businesses and individuals from across the 2 Counties jumping at the chance to network face to face once m...

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Employee Turnover Blog  Page Header

Top Reasons For High Employee Turnover And How To Tackle Them

Having a high employee turnover is bad news. Not only are losing potentially great employees, but you are also spending money to repeatedly replace them. Aside from increased recruitment costs, hig...

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