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What is the UK's most attractive job? Not what you'd expect...

What makes a job attractive? Your thoughts might jump to a high salary with desirable benefits or to a stress-free environment – however according to a recent study carried put by Job Site Aduza, indicates candidates are interested in something very different.

The most sought-after job in the UK is an Emergency Ambulance Driver, a role with a salary of just £16,634 a year.

The researchers analysed Adzuna’s 1.2million open job adverts from June to December 2017 by looking into the job titles that have the highest propensity to be viewed.

The second most popular job in the UK is a Non-Executive Director with an average pay packet of £32,952 – almost double that offered by the Ambulance Driving position. The third most sought after job is a Funeral Services Director averaging a salary of £23,672, with an Air Traffic Controller offering £32,959 coming in fourth and Fashion Model coming in fifth (no salary stated).

Top 10 most sought-after jobs:

  1. Emergency Ambulance Driver - £16,634
  2. Non-Executive Director - £32,952
  3. Funeral Services Director - £23,672
  4. Air Traffic Controller - £32,959
  5. Fashion Model – No Salary data
  6. Rigger - £36,543
  7. Mail Clerk - £16,575
  8. Airport Baggage Handler - £17,246
  9. Oil Rig Operative - £28,571
  10. Librarian - £24,658

Doug Monro, a Co-Founder of Adzuna, said that the data shows that the job market in the UK is thriving, with a variety of different roles to accommodate the diversity of the population. “This is evident from the top 10 most sought after jobs which offer a real breadth of experiences: Librarian to Rigger, Fashion Model to Funeral Services Director,” he said. “That’s what’s really key here - us Brits are much more interested in the spice of life than salary.

Information courtesy of Recruitment Grapevine.