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Why Choose Remote Working?

In the next 10 years, it’s predicted that 38% of full-time, permanent employees will work predominantly remotely, with 55% noting remote work has become more commonplace as compared to three years ago. This shift in workplace norms means unlike past generations, who may have never dreamed of working remotely, future employees will become expectant of the possibility to enable retention with an organisation.

Independent research suggests 9-5 office shifts will be far less common in years to come, opening up opportunities for both organisations and staff.

  • 52% of hiring managers cited talent shortages as the key driver to adopting a more flexible workforce.

  • 59% of hiring managers today are utilizing flexible talent, up 24% from 2017.

  • Hiring managers anticipate work done by flexible talent will increase by 168% in the next 10 years.

  • Employees who currently are able to work from home at least one day a week are 48% more likely to rate their job a ‘10/10’.

Benefits of remote working:


Eliminating commutes saves employees approximately 2-3 weeks’ worth of free time per year,allowing time for hobbies, fitness and family. Not only does this vastly benefit the personal lives of staff, but also the environment, with reduced commuters leading to reduction of greenhouse gases.


Flexible arrangements remove geographical barriers, offering access to a greater talent pool. Productivity is increased, with people working during the hours that best suit them, rather than be distracted during the traditional shift hours.

Chronic Illness

Remote working allows candidates who suffer with chronic illnesses to complete high quality work from the comfort of their home, on their own time, drastically improving productivity. Many feel as though a traditional 8 hour shift can cause symptoms to occur, negatively impacting the quality of work. Remote working allows them to work their solid eight hours, just spread over the course of the day, allowing time to rest.

Best sectors for remote working:

  •     Technology

  •     Media and advertising

  •     Finance

Sam Birtwistle, IT Consultant  at Hewett Recruitment said ''Candidates who are in high demand find themselves in a position of choice, so in order to attract top talent it will be important to offer an attractive total package, not just a high basic salary. Remote working can be a difficult benefit to implement and manage effectively, but done properly is a very empowering, engendering trust and fostering a favourable work life balance.

At Hewett Recruitment we see remote working becoming a more common benefit with both large and small organisations, especially within tech industries, where there is high demand for niche skills. Looking forwards, we expect to see increased pressure to offer flexible or remote working within our client base - but with 3rd party cloud services more readily available, technology is gradually making it easier to roll out, even without substantial infrastructure. This leads to employees that are happier, more loyal and ultimately more productive.”

Our Specialist IT Division are now recruiting for a variety of roles with remote working opportunities. If you’re interested, please contact Sam Birtwistle on 01905 613413, sam@hewett-recruitment.co.uk