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Worcester Stands Tall Auction see's Gregory Come Home

Thursday (11th  October 2018) saw the spectacular auction of the Worcester Stands Tall Giraffe sculptures.

Throughout the evening, each sculpture was displayed in all their glory in front of a room buzzing with enormous energy and pride.

An incredible £210,400 was raised that evening alone.  As a patron and avid supporter of St Richard’s Hospice, Managing Director Louise Hewett was “thrilled to see the huge funds raised”.

Hewett Recruitment’s sponsored sculpture, designed by local artist Suzie Hunt, holds a special place in the team’s heart following his time on the Worcester Stands Tall trail. Of course, Gregory holds large significance to Louise, whom named him after her late father, to honour her parent’s memory and spread their influential words with the local community; ‘Stand tall, be kind, be strong and give back to the community around you.”

Due to this, Louise simply couldn’t see Gregory rehomed; “I just couldn’t let him go....he’s coming home.” We can assure you he’ll be well loved and looked after in her care.

A huge thank you to all those involved with Worcester Stands Tall, from organisers dedication and passion to the generosity of the public and fellow local businesses. It’s been an absolutely wonderful event and a delight to be a part of, bringing joy to the local community and contributing immensely to St Richards’ Hospice Build 2020 Appeal. “The funds are much needed, thank you to everyone involved” – Louise Hewett.