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Why you shouldn’t wait until AFTER Christmas to job hunt

Don't wait until after Christmas to secure your dream job.

Employers are still recruiting

Just because it’s Christmas, it doesn’t mean that businesses stop working and shut up shop.  Many are still very active during the Christmas period (for some this is their busiest period) and will be recruiting for perhaps more staff than at any other point in the year.  You could also benefit from an uplift in availability of temporary and seasonal roles if this suits your situation or lifestyle. 

Stay in front of the curve

Many other candidates are preoccupied during the period, potentially meaning there’s less competition for your dream role. If you secure your new job now, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, avoiding the ‘New Year, New Me’ peak where recruitment agencies are especially busy.


Christmas periods often involve lots of events and parties, especially in a work place. Starting your new job before the Christmas break allows you to attend such events, get to know your fellow colleagues and build relationships, ready for a productive start in the New Year.

Impress your loved ones!

During Christmas we often meet up with family and friends we haven’t seen for a while to celebrate. A new job is a fabulous talking point and it will really impress them, spreading a little bit of extra ‘Christmas Joy’ and offering an even better reason to celebrate!  

If you postpone your job search, there’s every possibility you may just miss out on your dream job!

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