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Hewett receives Worcs. Works Well Level Two accreditation

Hewett Recruitment have achieved Level Two in the Worcestershire Works Well Scheme.

At Hewett Recruitment, we take the well-being of our staff extremely seriously, constantly thriving to further develop our culture of a happy and healthy workplace. We encourage each member of staff to live a healthy lifestyle, regularly providing information regarding, healthy food, mental well-being and common health issues to ensure they are supported and able to make informed decisions - plus we have no complaints about our bi-monthly massage scheme! We know that a happy and healthy workforce is a far more productive one, maintaining this allows Hewett’s to provide an exceptional service to each and every client and candidate.

How do we support employee well-being?

  • We provide our staff with regular updates and information regarding common health concerns to ensure they aware of issues, guiding them to seek help and improve their overall wellbeing. Flyers and information leaflets are readily available around the office to ensure information is accessible to all, enabling behavioural change.

  • As a recruitment agency, we feel it's important to share our strong morals regarding employee well-being, therefore we frequently share local and national campaigns regarding health and mental well-being on our social media platforms to ensure clients and candidates alike are aware of such issues, increasing consciousness and aiding change.

  • Our senior staff took on the voluntary roles of Worcestershire Works Well 'Champions', supporting issues such as healthy eating, mental well-being and physical fitness, to name just a few.

  • We provide bi-monthly massages for all staff, offering a little down-time and the perfect opportunity to reduce any built up aches, pains and workplace stress. These massages boost morale and improve productivity of staff, who view them as a little treat every other month, providing some motivation and something to look forward to.

The Worcestershire Works Well panel were particularly impressed with Hewett Recruitment's

  • Strong comms and social media presence

  • HWB strongly embedded

  • Emphasis on change management and effects on change

  • Strong external presence and influence with support for national campaigns

  • Employee recognition

  • Internal comms and positive working culture

For more information, please visit Worcestershire Works Well.