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2018 W Lep Conf Ben Cornerstone Award

Worcestershire LEP’s first “Cornerstone Employer”

Worcestershire LEP’s first “Cornerstone Employer”

Hewett Recruitment was delighted to be announced as the Worcestershire LEP’s first “Cornerstone Employer” at the recent 2018 WLEP Conference.

Ben Mannion, Director of Hewett Recruitment and Chair of WLEP’s Future Skills Board, accepted the certificate on behalf of the business, which recognises Hewett’s longstanding commitment to promoting the skills agenda in the local area, engaging with education and rallying Hewett’s extensive business network to meet the needs of schools, colleges and young people. Ben commented, “It’s a real honour for Hewett to be recognised in this way. Louise has built the business on a foundation of always giving something back, whilst we also acknowledge the importance of the business community supporting and encouraging the development of skills to support the future success of Worcestershire. As Chair of the Future Skills Board, I was involved in securing Career Hub status for Worcestershire, which we see as a real game changer in terms of careers guidance and support across the county”.

Hewett Recruitment - Ben Mannion, First Cornerstone Business Award

Hewett Recruitment want to encourage other employers to join us and the Worcestershire LEP to get 500 businesses across the county to sign up and pledge their support. If you and your business can spare the time and resources to engage with local schools, we can help to ensure our young people are equipped with the right skills for the future.

If you would like to find out more about how you or your business can get involved in “Creating our Future Workforce” then please get in touch with Ben Mannion on 01562 69090 or ben@hewett-recruitment.co.uk.