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Executive Talent Unearthed

Identifying the right candidates at Executive level requires a different approach. Traditional selection criteria just aren’t enough – more advanced recruitment methods need to be applied. These senior level people will be making decisions that help to shape the current company culture and future of the business. The criteria specified for positions at this level are not simply found on a CV. To fully understand if a candidate has what it takes, we need to know much more about that person. Furthermore, the goal for any “Exec” selection criteria is to eliminate time and effort wasted on unsuitable candidates. Using technologies and profiling tools are a useful part of the process but nothing replaces the insight gained from a face-to-face interview.

It can be a challenging task when the best talent is in demand and can choose where they want to work in such a competitive environment. They are almost certainly going to be in employment and not actively looking for a new job. As the “baby boomers” retire, the “Millennials” are moving in to more senior roles. Their approach and style of management is likely to be more transparent and collaborative.

The first and most important step in Executive recruitment is to do your research and understand what the role looks like now and in 5 years’ time. What would you like this person to achieve? What credentials do you really want this leader to have? Would you prefer someone to grow in to this position or hit the ground running? Think about the culture of the business – is it where you want it to be or do you need someone to implement and drive change? What are your company goals and how do you see this person’s role helping to deliver these? This research should be extensive but it is worth investing the time in understanding exactly what type of person the business needs moving forwards.

At Hewett Recruitment our most valuable asset is our network and connections built up on over nearly 40 years in business. Identifying talent is a skill that begins with building relationships and being trusted advisors to clients and candidates alike. Recommendations from our advocates and connections within our network unearth hard to find talent that others simply cannot find. The highest level of discretion and confidentiality, together with an excellent candidate experience, ensure that we protect our clients’ brands and go the extra mile to find the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Ben Mannion, Director at Hewett Recruitment, commented, "The success of Hewett Recruitment's Executive Division is built upon an unrivalled network of senior professionals along with a bespoke search & selection approach to meet the specific requirements of our clients. In recent times these requirements have included Managing Director, General Manager, HR Director and Head of HR positions, where Hewett's consultative, well-informed approach has identified the best technical and cultural fit for the business."

Louise Hewett.