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5 Tips to Exude Confidence in an Interview

Lack of confidence is often a key issue when it comes to interviews, especially for 'first timers' or those who haven't done so in a while. View Hewett's five tips to build your confidence during the interview process and portray the very best you!

5 tips to help you exude confidence in an interview:

1: Breathing Techniques

Use breathing techniques to remain calm and boost confidence. Relaxation is ‘the heart of confidence’, encouraging mindfulness and curbing anxiety. Ensure you arrive in good time for the interview to avoid appearing flustered and unprepared.

Use the time in which you are waiting to enter the interview room to recap the key points you wish to share, remember how you want to be portrayed and most importantly, stay calm! It's unlikely you would have gotten to this stage if they thought you were incapable, you’ve just got to show them!


2: Be kind to yourself

No one is born an ‘interview expert’ or necessarily comfortable with public speaking, it takes practice. If you didn’t feel some nerves before an interview, you’d be very unusual. Positivity and preparation are key. Regardless if you’re and introvert or extrovert, you’ll struggle to get the job if you’ve already decided you’re going to fail the interview. Before you arrive, reassure yourself “this interview is going to be a success”, create a positive mind-set for yourself and boost your self-esteem. You've got this!


3: Show your confidence

Body language is a huge tell-tale sign regarding confidence, so ensure you look the part. Eye contact is important, so practice maintaining eye contact when speaking with people in day to day life to ensure you’re comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more confidence will come across.

Pay attention to what the interviewer is saying regarding both the company and the role, you can use the information later in the interview, confidently referring to your relevant skills or past experience that may be beneficial.


4: Aim to connect with the interviewer

Likeability is a key in making a good first impression to increase confidence, your energy should be warm and inviting.

  • Greet the interviewer(s) with a friendly smile, a handshake and retain eye contact throughout.

  • Conduct a little research into the company background. Our consultants say failing to do any prior research is the interview is usually a candidate's biggest mistake- It suggests they are unprepared and disengaged.

  • Ask questions - An interview is a two way stream. An interview is just as much about you discovering more about the company as it is the company learning more about you. Prepare some questions. There’s bound to things you want to find out about the role.

  • Thank the interviewer(s) for their time upon leaving the room. Manners cost nothing!


5: Prepare and rehearse answers out loud

If you prepare answers to common questions prior to the interview, pressure is lifted, reducing nerves and maximising confidence. Ensure you’re prepared with all relevant knowledge, refresh your memory of your previous experience and rehearse potential interview questions. View our resources page for further interview tips.

Refrain from ‘babbling’ and speak clearly at a steady pace to ensure you communicate clearly with the interviewer.


How can I stop failure in previous interviews from affecting my self-confidence?

Failure is a natural part of the learning process- you will never learn if you never fail, remember that. Don’t look back at past experiences negatively, but use them to review what went well and what you need to improve on, this way you can better prepare for your next opportunity.

For more help and advice regarding perfecting your interview techniques and radiate confidence, visit our resources page or give our specialist consultants a call on 01562 69090 / 01905 613413