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Common Interview Questions

Common interview questions and their suggested response

 “Tell Me About Yourself.”

What they really want to know is…

“How does your education, work history, and work aspirations relate to the job opening?”

Your response: Select your relevant education and work history that will show, and prove, you are perfect for that certain job role.  

“Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?”

What they really want to know is…

 “Does this position fit into your long-term career goals?”

Your response: Never say you do not know as the answer to a question. You need to give an idea of your commitment and motivation. Be mindful not to put them off if the role has little progression. This answer needs to include job aspirations about your career path.

“What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”

What they really want to know is…

 “Are you self-aware? Do you know where you could improve and have you got the willingness to learn?”

Your response:Real life examples are always good to use in these types of circumstances. Nothing gives more proof and evidence than a good example. We all have a weakness – but only you can demonstrate what you have done to improve.

“What Motivates You To Perform?”

What they really want to know is…

 “Are you a hard worker?”

Your response: Interviewers will want to know what drives you to perform such as, candidates that are motivated by internal things, such as when working towards a goal, contributing to a team or developing your skills. It will help if you provide a specific example of what has motivated you in the past.

“Tell Me About A Time That You Failed.”

What they really want to know is…

 “How do you respond to failure and do you learn from your mistakes?”

Your response: This is a very important question, you need to show you are capable of dealing with failure and that you can still succeed. So, again, evidence and proof is needed here. Explain any situation that has occurred in the past they may have resulted in a failure, but yet you have learnt from it. This question needs to be prepared for.

“Why Do You Want To Work Here?”

What they really want to know is…

 “Are you actually interested in the job and are you a good fit for the company?”

Your response: For this response you need to ensure you demonstrate why you are a good match for the company. This is your chance to tell them what you know about their business and to show that you have done your background research. Also, highlight part of the job description which intrigued you the most and tell them how you would benefit their company.

“Tell me about a time that you have worked with a person that you may not have seen eye to eye with. Someone you may have found it difficult to be around in the work place.”

What they really want to know is…

 “Are you difficult to work with?”

Your response: The interviewer will be assessing your personality. If you overreact in certain situations. When responding to a question like this you need to give an example with how you managed to overcome working with a person who was difficult to be around. This will show the employer your maturity and professionalism.

Off the wall questions…

What they really want to know is…

 “Can you think on your feet, handle pressure and think critically?”

Your response: When you are faced with a question outside of the role, it’s important you are not caught off guard. Talk the question through step by step in the most logical way. If you do not have any logical answer talk about any relevant topics to do with that question.