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Ensure Your Hard Work is Recognised

How to ensure your hard work is recognised by senior staff in your workplace

Credit where Credit is due

How would you feel if others took credit for your work? Exactly…

While not everyone loves to ‘brag’ about how amazing they are, but if you remain silent about your achievements and successes, no one will know that they came from you. Don’t give others the opportunity to take your credit; shout about it and ensure your name is synonymous with the success.

Likewise, recognise your colleague’s success and offer support and praise.

Talk to your manager.

Without seeming to needy, it's important to keep your manager informed. Ensure you update your boss on your achievements in a timely fashion; you don’t need to knock on their door every day to update- try listing your achievements and emailing them across at the end of each month  Dependent on the subject, one-to-one may be more suitable; use your judgement.

Build Relationships

Joining internal committees, attending out-of-hour events and generally making the effort at work will really help build a relationship with those you may not see day-to-day.

Don’t let titles make you nervous, senior managers are likely to be more interested in your contributions than you realise.

Focus on Results

Instead of listing: “I did this, this and this…”, provide some content and results-  Why did you do this? How did it help? Share how your actions have impacted the organisation.

Apply for Awards

Industry publications and associations often offer awards and recognition, it’s worth che4cking some out!

Of course, lots of companies also offer ‘internal employee awards’ for those who excel in their roles; in the situation, your hard work has not only been recognised but celebrated.

Knuckle Down!

Sometimes simple ‘getting on with it’ is enough – you’ll be surprised how many people notice and appreciate employees who continuously work to the best of their ability on all tasks, regardless of how challenging. If you invest in the success of your company, they will reciprocate the same effort and respect you deserve.