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Ensuring a successful interview

Interviews can be daunting – preparation is key to a successful interview. 

We're here to offer some advice on some key thing to consider during your interview. 

1. Voice

The speed at which you talk needs to be controlled so interviewers can hear clearly what is being said. Every word must be pronounced correctly to ensure the right image is being portrayed. Consider your tone and pitch it should not be defensive. Changing pitch and tone will allow the interview to be less monotone and boring so the interviewer will stay engaged.

2. Take a pause before answering a question

To ensure that you are not impulsive wait a few seconds after the interviewer stops speaking to make sure you understand the whole question. With this short pause create a mental list of points to include in your response to the question so that you are ready and prepared.

3. Posture/Body Language

Throughout the entire interview ensure that your posture is correct. Sit up straight with confidence, sit tall and proud like you are meant for that job. By having an open posture it will entice people to engage conversation with you and it will show you have an interest in what they are saying. Don’t fidget, sit calmly and relax your hands on your lap, don’t slouch or lean back, it will give the employer the wrong impression.   

4. Eye contact 

Keep eye contact with the interviewers. This is important as it shows that you are a confident individual and professional. Eye contact will show the interviewers that you are engaged in conversation and listening to each word being spoken.

5. Respond by stating your key points

It is best to repeat the key points 2-3 times while answering a question. This will highlight your skills and reinforce your case to the employer as the ideal person for the job.

6. Answer in short and complete sentences

It is essential not to wander off the point. Answers need to be precise and accurate and relevant to the question. Don’t digress, stick to the question and give releavnt examples.

7. Tell the interviewer something unique about yourself

Even if this is something irrelevant to job role and is just an unusual hobby instead, although it would be better if it was relevant to the job. By doing this it will help spark conversation, and may you feel more at ease as it will be something you are confident in talking about. Interviewers will see you showing your true characteristics to them and will give them a bigger picture of what you are really like.

For more information and advice, please get in touch with the Hewett team on 01562 69090 or 01905 6134123.