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How to Dress For An Interview

Download FREE pdf document advising candidates on how to dress for an interview.

Why should you dress formally in an interview environment?

Regardless of the dress code for the business, it is always appropriate to dress in business attire for an interview to convey a visual image that you are professional.

Giving off a solid first impression could be that little benefit which secures you a job. It is always better to overdress than underdressed.

Tips for dressing formally for an interview

  • Men can wear a smart shirt and tie with trousers 

  • Women can wear trousers or a suitable skirt, with a smart shirt / blouse / top

  • Avoid tracksuit bottoms, jogging bottoms and leggings

  • Smart shoes i.e. not pumps or trainers

  • Clothes should be ironed and pressed

  • Accessories such as caps and hats should not be worn

  • Hair should be kept tidy and clean

  • Perfume and cologne should be kept to a minimum

  • Ensure make-up is not too over the top

  • Ensure nails are a suitable and practical length

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