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What are the most desirable skills employers seek?

When hiring for a new position, there are numerous traits and skills that employers and hiring managers will seek from their candidates, from soft skills such as communication and time-keeping to sets of qualifications and experience relevant to the job role.

LinkedIn’s Senior Vice President of Product, Ryan Roslansky, acknowledged the fast pace of change regarding the ‘most desirable skills’ due to the ever-changing landscape of new technologies, employer demands and business models. 

New research from job board CV-Library reveals the top skills employers look for in candidates include the ability to adapt (71.5%), resilience (57.5%) and being able to balance work and personal life (29.2%).

Which skills are most desirable to employees?

Through analysis of LinkedIn’s 560million+ users, data regarding workplace place trends and employers desires, he offers a prediction of the top 4 skills expected to increase over the next three to five years…

  1. Employee benefit design, a critical skill in HR teams to attract and retain the best people
  2. Public policy skills to implement policy at ground level
  3. Facilities management to ensure facilities cater to the increase of gig and on-demand work
  4. Big data analysis


We asked our consultants from each division which skills they feel are on the rise…

Which skills are most desirable within the Commercial Industry?

Anthony Andrews, Senior Commercial Consultant

"Within any busy commercial environment, employers will be looking for candidates who can demonstrate strong administrative and communication skills as well the ability to adapt, solve problems and work within a team.  Perseverance and a good, strong work ethic will also be in high demand."


Which skills are most desirable within the IT Industry?

James Riach, IT Consultant

"The IT industry has a skill shortage, so any technical capability is desirable. Saying that the most desirable skillset seems to be someone that can code in any Object Orientated Programming language, whether it be for a Software Development, Automation Testing, Data Science or UI\UX role, coding skills seem to be in demand from a number of our clients!"


Which skills are most desirable within the Engineering Industry?

Steven Harris, Engineering Consultant

"The Engineering industry sector as a whole has a skill shortage. In the areas that I specialise in Mechanical and Design Engineering recruitment the most desirable skillset seems to be someone with a core engineering qualification with the ability to transfer those skills into a practical environment. In terms of Design Engineering, Solidworks and 3D AutoCAD experience seems to be in high demand from a number of our clients!"


Which skills are most desirable within the Industrial Industry?

Millie Heaselgrave, Industrial Consultant

“In the industrial sector, reliability, loyalty and a strong work ethic are hugely desireable, especially regarding temporary workers. Employers also seek indiivudals who are able to target and can not only manage, but excell under pressure."