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Top Tips for a Design Engineer Interview

Top Tips to ensure you smash your Design Engineer interview. 

Due to the varied nature of Design Engineering in the current market, it is important to identify and demonstrate your transferable skills and their relevance to a new design position.

It is a common trend for potential employers to focus purely on the aspect of design software experience such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor or Catia V5, which will often lead you to achieve an initial 1st stage interview. The common issue that many Design Engineer candidates face is actually demonstrating the transferable skills they have gained from their previous and current role/Degree and indicating their relevance to the position in which they are interviewing for.

Below are a few interview tips that will improve your chances of achieving your new Design Engineer position;

  • Portfolio – The best way of demonstrating your transferable skills is to take some designs that you have previously created.
  • Research – It’s great to research the company but also the products that they produce, as it provides an opportunity to demonstrate your level of interest and to discuss how previous design experience may be relevant.
  • Questions – Take a small list of questions that focus on aspects of the Design position. Discuss the company’s individual process from taking an initial concept to producing a detailed design.
  • Previous experience – Its common interview process to discuss your previous roles and the responsibilities they entailed. It’s important to look back on the smaller details that you may have missed that are important such as liaising with clients,  providing technical support to colleagues and project management experience.


For further support and advice regarding your Design Engineer journey, please don't hesitate to give our specialist consultant Steven Harris a call, or drop him an email with any questions you may have.

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