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Balancing remote working and family life

Balancing working from home around family life can be tricky, especially when caring for youngsters and home schooling is involved.

Planningis key. Setting daily tasks will reduce procrastination, with clear targets aiding motivation and helping you continue after inevitable distractions. It’s worth including details regarding breaks and other family members in your plan: what will your child do while you’re completing each task? Some tasks may require deeper concentration than others, suggesting the help of family and friends via video calls may be required.

Be real. It’s unrealistic for employers to insist you remain at the top of your game while caring for young children. Conversations must take place to outline realistic expectations and goals, based on individuals’ unique circumstances. Adding unnecessary pressure on employees, in what’s already a stressful time, will significantly reduce morale, productivity and quickly lead to burn out. Priorities and targets will change- the clearer communication surround this is, the better.

Communicate! Communication is an absolute essential when working remotely to avoid the physical isolation impacting mental wellbeing. Communication between managers, colleagues and family members are equally important. Managers can offer support and advice to work more effectively. Colleagues can motivate and reassure. Family can help accommodate to your work regime, making the process as effective as possible.

For further information and advice, call Laura Hewett on 01562 69090.