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How to stop your mask steaming up your glasses

The government have recently announced that it is mandatory from 24th July to wear a protective face covering whilst out shopping in England to further prevent the spread of COVID-19. Those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100. 

Although many were already opting to cover their mouth and nose, the announcement means it is no longer an option, it is now unavoidable whilst shopping. This raises the common dilemma for those of us who wear glasses - our lenses steaming up.  Although the issue may seem insignificant to some, it's a legitimate burden for spectacle wearers face.

Why do my glasses steam up when I wear a mask?

When you wear a mask, glasses tend to steam up due to your warm breath comes out of the top of the mask, hitting the cooler lenses and clouding them up. This extra moisture can also mean that nose pads become slippery and your frames glasses slide down your face, causing a nuisance, especially when we should be avoiding touching our faces.

How can I prevent my glasses from steaming up when wearing a mask?

The key is to try and make sure there aren't any gaps for the air to escape around your nose and cheeks. The BBC recent gave us some top tips to prevent lenses steaming up:

Tip 1: 'Tuck' your face mask behind your glasses

Ensure your glasses aren’t behind the mask, but resting on top. You should tuck the mask behind your glasses.

The opticians Specsavers recommends resting your glasses on top of your mask to help seal any gap, or using a piece of surgical tape to secure the frames to the bridge of your nose.

Tip 2: The Tissue Method

Try tucking some tissue inside the top of the mask to catch the moisture. You could tape a strip of folded tissue just beneath the top of the covering.

Tip 3: The Soap Method

It may seem unusual, but if all else fails, try washing your glasses in soapy water to stop them misting up. This will leave a thin anti-mist layer on the lenses.


So there you have it, some tips to help us spectacle wearers stay safe and able to see! Win, win!