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University of Worcester's Springboard Programme

Springboard is a flexible work experience programme matching talented Business & Computing Students with short term roles and work experience opportunities in and around Worcestershire, the West Midlands and remotely.

In her role as Fellow of the University of Worcester, Louise Hewett DL has been working with the team at the Business School to help promote and encourage Worcestershire businesses to see the benefits of offering business projects and placements to students. Together, we are committed to working with our networks, the wider business community and young people, assisting our future talent and bringing the University’s Springboard Programme to life.

Louise commented “these young people are the future of our businesses. The talent and enthusiasm they can inject in these short term projects offers a valuable contribution to local businesses in difficult times. The experience for students is invaluable, fires their imagination and aids their understanding of what their future role in business might be. These placements can in some cases, lead to job offers on completion of studies, it’s a great opportunity for all concerned.”

Sally Docherty, Placements, Internships & Apprenticeships Manager at the University of Worcester's Business School said, “the Springboard Programme is an exciting and flourishing new initiative for Worcester Business School, it’s a win-win opportunity both for local employers and our students. Via our bespoke matchmaking approach Businesses can to tap into additional knowledge, talent and fresh ideas to make a real impact on business performance whilst providing our students and recent graduates with the chance to build business contacts, put cutting-edge theory into practice and gain valuable real-life experience of the workplace”

University of Worcester Springboard Programme Work Experience opportunities for students

Find out more about the Springboard Programme:

Why should you, a local employer, get involved with the Springboard Programme?

As an employer, recruiting one of our students enables you to tap into a new pool of talent that can make a real impact on your business and improve performance. Students bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas, up-to-date knowledge and research capabilities to your organisation. Students can also provide a cost-effective solution to short term recruitment needs, or take on one-off projects that other staff may not have the time to do.

Due to current circumstances with Coronavirus and lockdown restrictions, remote opportunities are advised.

How does the Springboard Programme work?

  • Springboard is a versatile programme that will match suitable students from all year groups and degree subjects, including recent graduates, with your short-term or part-time role. 

  • Students are available to work up to 20 hrs per week, remotely or in the office.

  • The student should become fully involved with the work of your organisation as a valued and respected employee.

  • The role should offer students a range of situations which will assist in the development of practical and personal skills.

  • The employer will provide a clear role for the placement student with real work, giving them their own responsibilities.

  • The employer will comply with legislation, such as liability insurance and health and safety policies.

What jobs could student do?

Students are equipped to take on a wide range of roles within a variety of organisations and business functions. Depending upon their degree specialism, our students can work within:

  • Marketing

  • Advertising & PR

  • Events

  • Social Media

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Data Analytics

  • Human Resources

  • Business Administration

  • Business Administration

  • Project Management

  • Business IT

  • Software Development

  • Web Development

  • Business Systems and IT

  • Many more specialisms... just enquire!

In addition to their specific subject knowledge, all of our students have IT skills and many have language skills. Some students will have already completed a year in an industry placement.

How much will it cost the Business?

Within the programme, the students are very flexible, meaning some opportunities are paid, voluntary, or part-paid - taking into account the nature of the business, the work involved and the potential benefit to the student. During their time with the organisation, the student will be an employee of your organisation and should be treated as such.

How will it benefit a student?

The number of applicants per Graduate role is at an all-time high, so students need to go the extra mile to stand out to employers. Mable, a student at the University of Worcester, discusses her marketing and social media role within the Springboard programme: “At the end of my degree, I will be asked if I have relevant experience. Before this project I would have said no, but now I do!”, “Although I’m not getting paid for this role… but it actually gives my CV something that will stand out to employers; because I have this experience now, they are more likely to consider me”.

“Springboard has been a fantastic way for students like me to gain work experience relevant to my degree without interrupting my studies, whilst employers can benefit from the fresh injection of ideas and energy a student or recent graduate can bring to the business"- Louis Murdoch, 3rd yr Marketing, Advertising & PR, Springboard Project at MAT Ltd.

What do current participants say?

When discussing the Springboard programme, local employer and Springboard participant Martin Hanney, commented, “six months after [my initial enquiry], we currently have six bright students providing innovation for our business. So I say to anybody wondering how they are going to progress their business during the current coronavirus restriction, take a look at the University of Worcester’s ‘Springboard Programme’. We’ve been able to connect, innovate and perform with their help – I’m sure many other businesses can too.

"The University selected students and graduates who would most closely fit our environment, and could dovetail their studies with our needs. The University also keeps in touch to make sure everyone is fine. We have not been disappointed, and we’re looking forward to a very successful collaboration" - Peter Francis Engineering Director, MAT Ltd, Worcester

As ‘Cornerstone Employers’ Hewett Recruitment understand the importance of young people experiencing meaningful encounters with employers. It is an absolutely vital part of preparing and inspiring our young people for the world of work, as well as gaining relevant and practical work experience.

If you would like to find out more about the Springboard Programme visit https://www.worcester.ac.uk/about/academic-schools/worcester-business-school/for-organisations/the-springboard-programme.aspx

Or contact Sally Docherty on 01905 855279 or s.docherty@worc.ac.uk