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Neoperl UK Malvern Site with Hewett Recruitment


Follow Your Flow


We at Neoperl are convinced that everyone can experience their personal FLOW.

As an employer, we see it as our responsibility to create the right environment for this to happen. Committed to a better flow – every day.

Find the job that's right for you

Only you know when a moment feels special and how to make the best use of your valuable time. What matters is not how you have spent your time in the past, but how you take control of your future. Trust your intuition. Whether you join us in a technical, non-technical or professional leadership role, you can look forward to a lot of freedom and responsibility. To start your career, you'll find attractive options at Neoperl

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A note from the Managing Director

Kevin Gates, Managing Director Neoperl

A note from the Managing Director

​"In the UK we largely manufacture flow regulators that are used in numerous situations to save water. These parts are small precision-made, technical products that enable a variety of customers to save energy and water. Here at our factory in Malvern we employ over 150 people and they are the heartbeat of our business. Innovation is the life blood of our business and we value all of our people here who help us to deliver that."

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Neoperl's Culture

Our values reflect what Neoperl stands for – how we at Neoperl lead and cooperate. They provide our inner compass. Together, we do our best every day to meet the high expectations of our customers. We achieve this because all our employees share our passion, take responsibility and enable us to break new ground together

Neoperl UK Our Culture Value of Excellence

We strive to achieve the best possible results.

We learn from each other.

We try new avenues.

Neoperl UK Our Culture Value of Responsibility

We communicate our expectations.

We act as a role model.

We transfer and consistently claim responsibility.

Neoperl UK Our Culture Value of Passion

We deliver the highest quality.

We learn from our mistakes.

We are enthusiastic about new ideas.​

Neoperl's Working Environment

We offer a friendly work environment where cooperation is very important. One in which the employees can continuously develop themselves and grow through challenging work. Where people are entrusted with responsibility and given the freedom to exercise it. Where mistakes are seen as opportunities. Where the potential of each individual is allowed to shine. Where your work can become your passion.

Benefits at Neoperl

As an international, innovative and sustainable company, we offer our employees various development opportunities. This enables us to develop continuously as a company, but also for you to grow personally.

Development Opportunities
​Good Teamwork

(Dependant on role)

​Employee Assistance Programme

Innovative Company
International Company

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    Neoperl's Working Environment

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    Neoperl UK Meet The Team | Tool Room & Tool Setting

How to apply for Temp roles at Neoperl

Register with Hewett

To register as a Temp with Hewett, you should initially call the office on 01562 69090to book an appointment.

The team will take you through the registration process and show you photos of the environment at Neoperl.

Induction Process

The Hewett Temp team will take you through an induction process that will involve onboarding assessments. The team will carefully guide you through this process, supporting you along the way.

We will fully brief you on the role and what to expect when working at Neoperl.

No Interview!

No interview is required at Neoperl, just a small induction on-site and then you are able to start work straight away.

Interested in Working at Neoperl?

Get in touch with the team today:

  • Enigma Business Park, Sparrowhawk Close, Malvern, WR14 1GH


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