Referral Scheme

Good people like you know good people!

Refer a friend or colleague and earn up to £200 worth of vouchers of your choice for Permanent placements and £25.00 for a Temporary referral. Some of our best candidates are often introduced to us by our network of temp, interim, contract, registered and placed candidates. As part of our candidate attraction strategy, we believe it is only right to thank those who point good people in our direction.

Refer a Friend Now

To recommend a friend or colleague simply email their name, contact details and the type of role(s) and location(s) they would be interested in to: jo@hewett-recruitment.co.uk, or complete our online form.
Happy Hunting! Please see Terms & Conditions for full details.

Terms & Conditions:
All payments made in vouchers for a retail outlet of your choice.
Candidates must not already be in contact with Hewett Recruitment or on our database.
Payment is due only after a placed candidate has completed 10 weeks of employment for Permanent.
Referral scheme is only due to Temporary Industrial & Commercial Temps only after completing 12 weeks of service. Referred candidates must not already be in contact with Hewett's.
Payment is only due on initial placement – further placements are excluded.
There is no limit to the number of good candidates you may refer.
In the event of any dispute, Hewett Recruitment’s decision is final.

Permanent Payments are based on the table below:
Basic Salary Referral fee
£0 - £20,000 = £50
£20,001 - £30,000 = £100
£30,001 + = £200

Temporary Industrial & Commercial referrals receive a payment of £25 in gift vouchers. A maximum of two referrals will be rewarded per person.