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Weekend jobs Kidderminster

Hewett Recruitment often provide various Weekend Jobs in Kidderminster, alongside other part time opportunities.

We're strong believers in Flexible Working and creating inclusive work spaces that allow all individuals to comfortably attend work alongside their other commitments. Weekend jobs are particularly useful to those who're studying and looking for some additional money, those with families who are able to care for children during the weekend and individuals looking for some additional income.

Working Saturday and/or Sunday shifts provides flexibility during the week and offers some extra money for those who are occupied during the standard working week, due to focussing on caring for loved ones or working another job. Such jobs can frequently be found in our Industrial and Commercial sectors, alongside the retail and hospitality industries.

Weekend shifts with our Industrial clients often come with added benefits such as a heightened hourly rate on Sundays, giving such employee’s a boost in morale and money! Hewett Recruitment often provide part-time and/or weekend work in Kidderminster.

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