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Disruptive HR

The changes in demographics and technology, combined with talent shortages and evolving employee expectations will disrupt – indeed already are disrupting – the UK jobs market. Employers need to prepare for these changes and be proactive in helping shape a successful post-EU jobs market.

In the local area there is already some great work going on to build relationships between businesses and schools and drive the local skills agenda. In both Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the Enterprise Advisor network is in place – where business people are placed in local schools and colleges to support the development and delivery of their careers offering. There are excellent examples of individual businesses taking the “bull by the horns” when it comes to engaging with schools, whilst March also saw the Worcestershire Skills Show, where over 2000 young people from schools and colleges across the county had the opportunity to meet with businesses across a range of sectors.

Perhaps the areas where we could all mark ourselves as “could do better” surround our approach to recruitment and inclusion. When we look at our recruitment processes, there are some really simple things that can be done to ensure best practice. Hewett often support their clients in getting the basics right first – clear job descriptions; understanding how their employer brand is perceived by candidates and ensuring a positive candidate experience; training for line managers on how they interview and assess potential employees. We also encourage our clients to have a proactive approach to workforce planning – to understand what the current profile of their workforce is and what succession plans are in place. Closely linked to this review of our hiring procedures is how a future jobs market looks where inclusion is the norm. Looking ahead, this may require not only a revamp of hiring procedures and job description but potentially wholesale infrastructure changes. Interesting times ahead.....for advice or to book a review for your business contact Louise Hewett. Email: louise@hewett-recruitment.co.uk