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Does your personality clash with your companies culture?

Are you a good cultural fit in your company?  A Two minute read

Company culture, the ‘personality’ of a business, is hugely important. Culture is often based around key values, beliefs and attitudes shared by employees and management within an organisation.

If your role ticks all the right boxes and you love what you do, but you’re starting to feel like something’s not quite right; like you don’t fit in, there could be clash of personal and corporate identities- aka. an unsuitable cultural fit. When this happens, regardless of your skill set, it’s likely your job satisfaction will be significantly lowered, affecting enthusiasm, results and even impacting your home life.


Three signs you don’t fit in with your company culture:

You feel like a ‘spare part’

Your friends would describe you as outgoing, friendly and talkative, yet at work you seem to shy away from conversations and keep yourself to yourself. Unlike anything you’ve experienced at previous work places, you lack confidence socialising with colleagues, sensing some hostility while remaining fully aware of the much lacking common ground away from the desk.

Avoiding team outings, eating lunch alone, waiting for ‘the coast to be clear’ when grabbing a drink – sound familiar? This is a clear sign you’re in the wrong company culture.


You feel as though you’re opinions aren’t heard

Struggling to get your thoughts and fresh ideas across to colleagues in meetings? If you feel as though you’re constantly battling to get a word in, it can take a toll on your confidence, opting to remain quiet, which you know is damaging to your professional career progression.

Nobody should feel isolated, ignored and undervalued at work. If this is the case, it may suggest the organisations culture isn’t an ‘open’ one, building barriers towards new ideas instead of embracing adaptation.


You lack motivation

If you love what you do and are passionate about your career, it can feel odd to lack motivation. Why might this be happening?

  • The company doesn’t appear to be invested in your career development

  • Your work ethos and isn’t aligned to those around you, with colleagues working either too much, or too little

  • You feel as though your successes aren’t recognised, let alone celebrated

  • Senior management are uninspiring, offering minimal feedback

  • You no longer care about the values and overall company vision.

  • You dread Mondays

At Hewett Recruitment, our specialist consultant’s develop strong relationships with our candidates to ensure we truly understand their personality, desires and needs, enabling us to find a suitable role within a company to whom they’re the ‘perfect fit’. After all, as you’ve just read, it’s no joy loving the role but hating your working environment. We want to provide the whole package!

Sound good? Get in touch today to arrange a meeting with a specialist consultant to discuss your ideals and rethink how you view work.