Is temporary work a good career option?

Is temporary work a good career option?

More companies are open to hiring temporary workers, with hiring managers stating they are ‘much more open’ (21%) or ‘somewhat more open’ (32%) to hiring temporary staff while looking for full-time employees, compared to that of two years ago.

Furthermore, many hiring managers would consider a long period of consistent temporary work as comparable to full-time work when evaluating CV’s and job applications, making it equally, if not more, valuable than permanent employment, while also allowing workers to accumulate a broad range of experience and knowledge across professions. 

The proportion of employers transferring at least 50% of temporary agency workers into permanent posts each year has increased from 16% to 24% year-on-year, with 28% of employers in the Midlands transferring half or more to permanent roles (up from 6% in 2018). 

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Additionally, 39% of UK employers who hire temporary staff state that Temporary agency workers earn more than they would if they were permanent employees, up from 12% the previous year and 47% said perm and temp earnings were equal.

The Industrial, Executive Recruitment, Office Professionals and Education industries have all seen an increased demand for temporary staff, alongside commercial industries such as Legal, HR, Retail, Marketing, Media & Creative industries. 

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What are the benefits of temp work for your career and lifestyle?

  • Varied experiences and engagements allowing temporary workers to hone existing skills and develop new ones, building their personal portfolio
  • Exposure to a diverse set of industries and professions, building a strong and valuable network
  • Enables individuals to earn good money and be selective regarding the roles in which they are interested in
  • Employers hiring temporary staff tend to be more open to flexibility, allowing workers more personal time to spend with friends, family and pursue hobbies.

*REC Jobs Outlook, June 2019