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Should I become a Software Developer?

Get into Software Developing

Why choose software development as a career?

So you may be questioning “is software developer a good job? Is it the right career for me?”.

Working as a software developer has its many benefits: the constantly changing tech with new technology keeping you at the forefront of exciting things.

Additionally, working as a developer means you are constantly able to evolve, making career progression highly achievable. Of course, with career progression and development comes salary increases.  

Who makes a good software developer- what are software developers skills?

Generally, we search for a focused and dedicated candidate with a passion for all things ‘tech’. In this industry, it’s important to continuously develop skills and knowledge, so someone who is eager to learn would make a great software developer. Of course, commercial experience is always beneficial.  

What software developer should know

  • Having a varied tech stack can be useful
  • Programming languages they have interest in
  • Basic knowledge on Information security can be useful

Can I become a Software Developer without degree?

Yes, you can become a Software Developer without graduating with a degree. There are online training courses such as Udemy and Codeacedemy where you can learn software development. Most employers will still want to see code examples so setting up a github account would be really useful to demonstrate knowledge. Our consultants always encourage candidates to on personal projects to evidence their skills. College courses and apprenticeships are another option to consider when thinking about a career in software developing.

Can software developers work from home

Yes - developers can easily work remotely, from home or wherever they wish. Developers often use a platform called slack which allows them to communicate quickly and efficiently. However, this is usually more appropriate later in your career, for more established developers, rather than entry-level and junior developers.

Our IT consultant commented, “A word of advice -  you can’t get as much training, learning and/or support working alone as you would in a team environment"

Can’t find a software developer job?

Luckily Hewett has a specialist IT department with Software Developer experts. Send your CV through to sam@hewett-recruitment.co.uk or browse our Software roles now.