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The New Normal?

Since we entered lockdown and there were limitations put on non-essential travel, swathes of people have become “home workers”, almost overnight...relying on a variety of video platforms and sometimes questionable home broadband connections to get their work done. What many businesses previously thought was impossible or perhaps untenable suddenly became the only way to work…and with it opened up a range of opportunities for the future.

Whether it be a reduced real estate requirement…better employee engagement…or perhaps an increase in productivity…many businesses have experienced unforeseen advantages of this enforced shift. After the initial shock of offices closing they were able to adapt quickly, including reinventing their recruitment processes to ensure they were not missing out on talent during lockdown. Hewett Recruitment have been working with our clients throughout this trying time to manage virtual interview processes and remote onboarding and inductions, to great effect.

In addition, we have long advocated for companies to embrace flexibility, not only with existing employees but also when looking to recruit. The Flexible Jobs Index for Worcestershire produced by the Timewise Foundation in association with Hewett showed that demand for flexibility amongst individuals in the labour market far outstripped the supply of flexible working opportunities. Perhaps one the biggest positives to emerge from this unprecedented crisis will be that this flexibility will finally be injected in to the hiring process…opening up new pools of talent that were hitherto hidden to employers due to the restrictions in place around the “normal way of working”. The real legacy of “The New Normal” could be to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

If you would like to talk to Hewett Recruitment about your own requirements and how best to manage the recruitment process virtually then please get in touch on ben@hewett-recruitment or 01562 69090.