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Employer Brand - where HR meets Marketing

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Employer Brand - where HR meets Marketing

Marketing professionals spend massive amounts of time and effort developing and building ‘brands’ – essentially a way of differentiating their product or service in the minds of customers.

Can HR professionals apply some of the same techniques in order to create an Employer Brand – a way of differentiating a company in the minds of existing and potential employees.

The term Employer Brand has been around a long time and gained momentum when companies were experiencing talent problems…so why is it still relevant?

It’s down to our old friends Globalisation and Technology. In the old days companies were essentially national organisations, with a national HQ, national production, national R&D dept, national marketing and selling staff and something called the export dept. The whole organisation conformed to a fairly rigid structure and everyone knew their place.

But…things are different now.

Businesses have to think global. The R&D department might have to work with partners 3000 miles away. Production isn’t necessarily downstairs on the shop floor. The whole process is far less formal, far less geographically united and far more reliant on people getting on with things. What used to be a solid and uniform structure now has more loosely defined borders.

So, step forward the Corporate Brand as the one thing that can be the spiritual, cultural glue that binds everything together. Branding as Bonding.

A good definition of an Employer Brand is ‘’a set of attributes- often intangible – that makes an organisation distinctive, promises a particular kind of employment experience, and appeals to those people who will thrive and perform their best in its culture’’.

Get it right and it attracts those that have an affinity with your vision and values…and deters those that don’t.

Borrowing, once again, from the marketing dept, there are some basic guidelines that can be utilised.

  1. Understand what people think about you…..if you don’t already know find out what people internally and externally think about your company. Seems obvious but often throws up some surprises.
  2. What do you want to be famous for….. is it creativity, sustainability, technology, service. Once you know you can measure it.
  3. A Board agenda item….has to be agreed, accepted and promoted throughout the company. Shouldn’t be adopted and then delegated to HR although they will be the lead delivery mechanism.
  4. Deliver the promises…..avoid discordant views on how those outside the company (customers) view it versus those on the inside (staff).
  5. Walk the talk….tell people what you are doing and why.

Does it work?

Just Google Employer Branding.


That's where we come in. Hewett Recruitment provide bespoke employer branding packages for our clients as another of our many added-value services.


For more information regarding how we can assist your business with our employer branding expertise, please contact laura@hewett-recruitment