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Welcome to Hewett Recruitment's Brexit Hub.

Regardless of your own political persuasions, whether or not you want a soft deal, a hard deal or no deal at all, the one constant regarding each of these situations is the impact that they will have – indeed are already having – on that most valuable of resources – people. Whether it be highly skilled professionals and academics, or the tens of thousands of workers in retail, care, agriculture and on the shop-floor, the UK has a key time ahead of us, ensuring access to labour of the quality and volume required.

Therefore, Hewett Recruitment have created our Brexit Hub – an online resource providing up to date information for clients and candidates alike to help them educate themselves, their colleagues and their employees. Key information regarding specifics will be accessible, whilst Hewett will also be working with individual clients to advise them on their Brexit strategy. We are utilising our strong relationships with our Candidates to manage their expectations and influence as best we can.

There will be dedicated members of the Hewett team managing the Brexit Hub to ensure we can field all enquires. Our aim is get past the often emotive headlines and provide accurate, relevant information to all those involved in and impacted by the Brexit conversation.

Useful Brexit News Sources:

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View the Government's Brexit timeline highlighting events leading to the UK’s exit from the European Union.

The Brexit deal explained in 60 seconds - HM Government

Brexit Deal Explained in 60 Seconds - Gov

Brexit Business Resources for Clients:

Does your business operate in the EU?

Changes to areas if your business operates in the European Union. Click here for EU Exit guidance for your business. Use this FREE tool from HM Government to help prepare your business for the EU exit. Simply answer 7 short questions to received guidance relevant to your business. Click Here.

Click here to view details regarding Intellectual Property post Brexit: changes to areas include copyrights, trademarks and patents.

Do You Employ EU citizens? View employer toolkit below:

Personal Data Laws post Brexit:

- Relevant when exchanging personal data with another organisation in Europe.

Importing, Exporting and Transporting:

Changes to areas include importing or exporting goods, moving goods across borders, haulage permits, customs and tax. What you need to know...

Prepare Your Business for EU Exit:


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Public sector procurement after Brexit

Sourced from British Chambers of Commerce

Ben Mannion, Hewett Recruitment Director

As a client, your Brexit Hub Hewett Ambassador is Ben Mannion, Hewett Recruitment Director


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Brexit Resources for Candidates:

How will Brexit affect me as an EU citizen remaining in the UK after it leaves the EU?

An agreement has been reached with the EU to ensure the rights of EU citizens’ and their families are protected after the UK leaves the EU. To continue living here in the UK as normal, according to this agreement, EU citizen’s must apply to stay in the UK. Click Here to find out what you need to do.

As an EU citizen, to continue living in the UK post-Brexit, you’ll need to do one of the following:

Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme

You’ll be able to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to stay in the UK. You’ll get settled status if you’re successful.

The scheme will be open fully by 30 March 2019. You can still choose to apply for citizenship at a later date if you get settled status.

Apply for British citizenship

You can usually apply for British citizenship 12 months or more after the date on your permanent residence document. If you’re married to, or in a civil partnership with, a British citizen, you can apply for citizenship as soon as you’ve got a permanent residence document.

EU citizens can apply for UK citizenship under the naturalisation rules once they have held a permanent residence card for at least a year and if they can show they are:

  • 18 or over
  • of good character
  • will continue to live in the UK; and
  • have met the knowledge of English and Life in UK requirements

Gotsa Davies, Hewett Recruitment Assistant

As a candidate, your Brexit Hub Hewett Ambassador is Gotsa Davies, Industrial Recruitment Assistant.


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What can I expect if there's no deal?

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