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Reviewing the environmental impact of our workplace

October saw the first in-person Chamber of Commerce Business Expo since March 2020, with businesses and individuals from across the 2 Counties jumping at the chance to network face to face once m...

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Employee Turnover Blog  Page Header

Top Reasons For High Employee Turnover And How To Tackle Them

Having a high employee turnover is bad news. Not only are losing potentially great employees, but you are also spending money to repeatedly replace them. Aside from increased recruitment costs, hig...

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Changing Environment Blog  Page Header

Supporting businesses in an ever-changing environment

If just over 5 years ago I had told you that by Autumn 2021 the UK would have left the European Union and be recovering from the grips of a global pandemic, you would have no doubt looked at me r...

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Resilience Blog  Page Header

Resilience shown by businesses creates opportunities moving forward

This edition of my column is all about “Rejuvenation and Resilience” – factors which the 2 counties business community have demonstrated throughout the last 18 months. The economic shock caused by ...

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As hiring confidence continues to rise, staff availability reduces

​As hiring confidence across the Midlands and the Wider UK continues to rise, staff availability sees rapid reductions.Demand for staff continues to rise at a significant pace.The REC’s Reports on...

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3 trends candidates expect from employers in 2020

In order to attract and retain top talent, employers must show potential employees they are a company ‘worth’ working for. In such a competitive market, future candidates expect to be treated in a ...

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Salary & Benefits Social Media 2 (1)

Salary & Benefits Survey: Recruitment Tips

Businesses are currently operating in an incredibly tight labour market. The most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest that unemployment has dropped to 3.8%, the low...

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